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How to get ready for summer with yoga

Summer is almost here and there is no doubt we are looking for the right way to get the body we always wanted and be fabulous on the beach! Even if it may seems it is a little late to embark a fitness journey don’t underestimate the power of the discipline and how it can affect your summer in several different way. So, let’s explore all the good things yoga can bring to your summertime!

As may know at this point, yoga is considered one of the most interesting and intriguing practice to tone up the body with a more caring and gentle approach than the gym but it is as effective as a normal workout! The main pro of practicing yoga is that, the discipline, is going to prepare your body for your summer but it is going to prepare your mind too!

Body ready

Yoga is the right tool to tone up, burn calories and play with your flexibility all in one. With the discipline having your back you can create interesting sessions with focus on a specific part of the body or simply to activate everything in one session with a total body practice. There are several suggestions on the internet you can follow and easily use as a starting point for your “bikini yoga” commitment.

We recommend to be persistent and to commit with the practice. This is the key to a successful approach for both your body and mind activities. We have to understand that, in order to have fast results, we have to combine a daily based yoga practice, healthy habits, healthy foods and the right state of mind to face the big seasonal changes.

These are our tips to stick with the practice

Try to look at the kind of life you are leading and try to figure out which is the best time of the day for you to practice. If necessary, do several attempts. Maybe try to get up early in the morning, or in the evening before going to sleep.

But try to import it. Remember, constancy is the key to everything.

Early times will be tough, but once you get started you will become yoga addicted.

Many people start practicing too often and for too long. This is not the right attitude because the body is not yet used to it. As time goes on you will come to practice as much as you want, but you have to have patience for the body to get used to it. You cannot bring a car that has been steady for many years at its maximum speed, it is normal that it breaks. The same happens to your body. So wait for the machine to loosen and you will soon reach your maximum speed.


Create Your Zen Space

If you are starting to practice at home it is already a small achievement. Then, to do the best, you find a space that is just for you.

It does not matter if it's small, it just needs to be as big as the mat, or if you feel more comfortable you can also take a whole room.

If you need it, you can put some incense on it, or listen to some relaxing music.

The important thing is that you feel comfortable and when you're up to your mat, nothing will disturb you. Even if you practice outdoors or in the gym, the principle is the same, when you go up to the mat you enter your sacred place, only with yourself, leaving everything else outside. If you want to know something more about how to create your own perfect zen area please you can read more here 

Choose a style

As you may know yoga has so many different styles and you just have to choose what’s best for you. If you are a new yogi and you want to tone up your body you can choose hatha yoga with its dynamic vinyasa flows, power yoga for a very good sweat or, if you are at a more advanced yoga stage you can give Ashtanga Yoga (and its primary serie) a try. Just choose what makes you feel comfortable and what makes you feel motivated and happy to stick with it during your journey. Remember that yoga is the perfect way to avoid all that gym exhausting rhythms and with a yoga session you can take things at a slower pace with an open mind and heart, ready to explore your body, its limits and its possibilities. You are going to tone up your body and strengthen your muscles burning so many calories! Why? If you engage your muscles in a strengthening sessions made up of chaturanga, flows, warriors sequences and so much more, you have to consider that, spending a few moments in each posture, is going to build up strength and, engaging the muscles, it will burn calories all day along, and not just in that specific moment you are performing your yoga sessions! This makes yoga a way better tool than the normal cardio session you are used to as a slimming down activity! A persistent yoga practice will give you a ripped body but a stronger mind too!

Establish a routine

Once you have experienced the difference that practice brings to your life, you will always try to find the way to practice daily. So try to give you an hour in your day devoting yourself to yoga and nothing else. Because of our frenetic lives we initially do, it will not be easy, but over time, try to eliminate the less important things and replace them with a bit of healthy practice.

Better quality than quantity

Practical yoga quality It does not matter if you practice 2 hours or 20 minutes, what really matters is quality. Better you do 20 minutes done well and fully concentrated than two hours distracted and without giving the most of it.

To experience the benefits of yoga, you do not have to practice so much, but it is little and constantly.

It's clear the more you practice the more you feel they feel the benefits, but initially it's enough even a few minutes a day to see the first results.

Mind ready

If you are an active person who, however, in recent times feels tired and exhausted do not be afraid ... it's summer! 

During the season changes there are climate changes that have a strong impact on us and we cannot neglect them.

You've already heard it in all the sauces. Nature awakens, the temperature rises and the days are lengthening.


And why then do you feel tired?

There is a scientific explanation!


Tiredness is a consequence that takes you behind this winter, originated precisely by the self-produced toxins from your body.

The latter have accumulated during the cold season due to the slowing down of physiological processes to simplify: it is as if your body went into "lethargy" and the organs involved in the elimination of toxic substances did not work 100% .

With the arrival of summer, take a "natural awakening" just like animals, but here the toxins at this point are too much and can cause different ailments.

For this reason, it is of utmost importance to cleanse and detoxify the organs involved.

What are the organs involved?

They are the "central" ones of the body, which correspond mainly to the second, third and fourth chakras.

The main organs involved are: stomach, liver, pancreas, small intestine, large intestine, kidneys and colon. To reactivate them fully, it is necessary to follow a purification path during the climate change period.

All traditional, both Oriental and Western medicines place the body's purification process as the indispensable basis for maintaining a good psychophysical health of the individual.

What can you do?

Yoga and meditation, of course!

Let’s keep in mind that, yoga, besides it burning fats and toning factors has, by its side, the chance to massage the organs in a gentle inner way to release all the tensions and heal the body from several types of problems. In order to get your summer body, with yoga and pranayama you are going to release all the tension in your belly too as this may cause bloating and other disturbing symptoms plus, this localized area of your body, you are going to recollect all psychological effects such as anxiety, stress and discomfort and this is going to cause several problems like the infamous colitis and much more. If you add a little bit of meditation to you practice, you are going to release the tension and to get ready for the big huge seasonal changes that, traditionally, brings insomnia, stress, irritable mood and so on.


Something more you can do

We can’t deny that, in order to see fast results, you have to add, to your yoga practice, a very balanced and healthy lifestyle. This is going to help you detox your body, fight your bloating moments and get ready to rock the beach with a transformed new body!

Let’s see what we can do to improve the yoga effects on our body.


Good healthy habits

Below I propose some simple food rules to follow with rigor during the season changing periods (spring / summer and fall / winter).

Obviously if you can stick with your nutrition even during the rest of the year, you will get a big advantage, and you're probably going to buy some medicines ...


Here's what you can eat to cleanse yourself:


1 - Fresh fruits and vegetables

Fruits and vegetables to purify They are natural foods that cleanse the blood from slags, for this purpose it is preferable to eat them raw. Of course it is important that they are seasonal and, if you can, buy organic. Although going to the supermarket we can often find any food it is important that the foods are seasonal. These, in fact, contain all nutrients that allow the body to deal better with the current period and greatly help to make the body fit much faster to climate change.


2 - Natural and simple foods

Natural foods to detoxify unsourced foods such as milk, eggs, butter, and oil are enormously healthier by themselves, which are mixed together in various stunts.

As for sugar, much better than raw cane than refined because it conserves the mineral salts.

When you have to choose a food always ask this question:

Is it natural or has it been industrially modified?

Remember that more food is natural and better for the body. More has undergone transformation processes and less nutrient will have.


3- Avoid condiments

Avoid condiments. If you dress the salad with oil and vinegar there is nothing wrong but if you fill the sandwich of mayonnaise pink sauce and ketchup ... then the evil is there! Very seasoned foods are a challenge to digestion, which will be slowed down, creating so much more toxins in the body than they should. So try to apply moderation in seasoning foods, your body will thank you.


So, once again yoga proves us all how good it is and how many different type of situations and conditions it can be useful to. With the right commitment to the yoga practice and the right approach to a healthy lifestyle you are going to get ready for your summer in the most fit and healthy way in both your body and mind!



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