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How yoga helps you boost both your sexual life and your marriage

Yoga  is a discipline that involves body and spirit and relates them to create harmony, has ancient origins and is now widely appreciated in the West, where he achieved a remarkable expansion especially for the media thrust due to the practice by VIPs and celebrities. This has helped to highlight the benefits primarily from a physical point of view, however, they are also not overlooked aspects of the interior life.

The practice of yoga postures fact acts beneficially on the body and on the mind and spirit.

There are different types of yoga, Hatha yoga, the most traditional, in particular suitable for beginners and for those who are very stressed, Kundalini yoga, which slows the aging process and rejuvenates. Until charming Tantra Yoga, reminiscent of Tantric sex - made famous by Sting - the discipline that focuses sexual energy.

The newest tribal yoga combines training, tribal dance and yoga to sculpt the body and consume calories. Yoga can be practiced at any age, just to have a good teacher who checks the proper execution of the positions, but we see the list of benefits derived from Yoga practice. Here is the decalogue:

 Improves sports performance: yoga gives elasticity to the body is suitable for those who already practice a sport and wants to approach it to her training, but also to those who choose it as the only sport

Induces sleep: for those suffering from insomnia, it allows relaxation exercises that help the rest, to practice before going to sleep or when you wake up in the middle of the night, to be able to sleep again.

 Increases concentration: meditation combined with certain movements of the body, is a workout that will improve your ability to concentrate, even in everyday life. Being able to practice some of the positions correctly yoga, the mind requires a high concentration effort, which bears fruit

Detoxifies the body: breathing and the different positions are used to massage the internal organs, improve circulation and help the body rid itself of toxins Slows aging: regular exercise helps age better. yoga, in particular can be practiced throughout their lives and those who do it regularly can get to prove several years younger than your biological age Makes you breathe better, he teaches the complete breathing, which involves using both its abdomen chest. I breathe so deep foster a better oxygenation of the whole body, including the skin, giving a better look.

Cure back pain: many yoga exercises help to improve the mobility of the spine, promote suppleness of muscles caused by tension and habit to assume awkward postures

Helps those who have infertility problems when there are fertility problems, the ideal is to work alongside the special medical care yoga sessions, the practice of which is considered to have positive effects on the chances of conception

Facilitates childbirth: there are many yoga sessions for pregnant women, we are taught proper breathing, the positions that may be helpful during childbirth and how to relax, to foster a peaceful state of mind since from the first contractions.

Boost sex life: yoga improves the relationship with your body, improving also the one with the other. Benefits for Women: experience more pleasurable orgasms; for men: able to prevent early ejaculation, or prolong the pleasure, it depends on the case

About this last point, today we’re exploring with a closer look this particular aspect of life: relationships and, more in the specific, we’re exploring how yoga can help both your marriage and sexual life.


The benefits of yoga in sexual life


According to a study reported in the journal The Journal of Sexual Medicine, “the practice of yoga helps to improve many aspects of sexual life, such as desire, arousal and orgasm quality”.


This study was done on a sample of women ... but do not worry, friends men: other studies, in fact, have shown that yoga is also good for your hormones, and can help improve reproductive function, prevent disturbances prostate gland and premature ejaculation.


In particular, the practice of yoga is able to:


Help dissolve the tension

The tension, especially in the legs and hips, can affect the mobility of the basin. It is clear that if this area of ​​the body is rigid and inflexible, it may cause discomfort during sexual activity.


Strengthen specific muscles

With yoga it develops the awareness of all the muscles of the body, including the most "hidden." The practice of some bandha, in fact, helps to increase the awareness and control of our deepest muscles, such as those of the pelvic floor, which for obvious reasons are used a lot in the course of sexual activity.

Balancing the Chakras

According to Eastern philosophy, inside our bodies we are energy centers called chakras. These chakras have various functions, including "take care" of the correct functioning of certain organs. Practicing asanas that work on the chakras involved bodies and emotions linked to our sexuality, a balance is generated.


Increase self-esteem

Doing yoga regularly keeps the body in shape, and this increases the self-esteem in relation to ourselves. But not only, with yoga also you learn to accept and love your body for what it is, eliminating the fear or embarrassment in the show for what it is.


Increase the concentration

If during sexual intercourse, rather than think about ... what you should think :), you find yourself decide what to make for dinner, well something might not work as it should. Doing yoga regularly you learn to maintain focus in the present moment, and then to take root in the body to fully experience his feelings.


Increase Energy

Did you ever try some "excitement" but to let the exhaustion take over and go to sleep rather than pander to your instincts? The yoga practice increases the energy levels in the body, reduces fatigue and helps you feel more alive, ready and prepared to report.


Yoga asanas to help you improve your sexual life


The practice of yoga has the objective of improving our lives in general, but if you wish to finalize the practice to improve your sexual life, there are some interesting useful position you can add to your practice.


The more indicated asanas are the ones that focus on the opening of the pelvis, as they help to improve the flexibility of the body to this area and to unlock the energies stucked in this area , activating the Muladhara Chakra and Svadisthana.


If your goal is to improve this aspect of life, you can dedicate yourself to the practice of these positions.


CAT AND COW - Marjaiasana - Bitilasana

During the practice of this gentle asana practice, through the movement of the coccyx, we learn to control the deeper muscles, which can help us improve the quality of our sexual mood, moves and relationship.


BRIDGE POSE - Setu Bandhasana

The position of the bridge strengthens the buttocks and tones the reproductive tract muscles. To be able to maintain it, you learn to use the contraction of the pelvic muscles, which are also the muscles protagonists of our sex.


HAPPY BABY POSE - Ananada Balasana

This asana improves circulation in the pelvic area, and allows a deep stretching of the inside leg muscles. It 'great to relax your hips and back.


How to integrate these positions in your daily life?

Being able to practice regularly, I will never be tired of repeating this, is the key to fully enjoy the extraordinary benefits of yoga. But I understand how this is the most complicated part, and not all have the patience and determination to make yoga a daily habit. My advice is to not worry too much about it; not to make the practice a requirement, and hence a stress factor. Try to keep it easy and add to your yoga session some specific asana to boost your sexuality such as cat/cow or the bridge, just to see how it goes. Try to concern rather to practice the right way when you do. It makes little sense to impose exhausting sessions on the mat if while you practice your mind suffers because he wants to do something else, or because they constantly look at the clock runs out waiting the hour of practice. Decide instead to practice shorter sequences, which dedicate yourself with all the concentration they deserve. For those moments when you want to practice, I suggest you include this steps into your practice:

  • Full yogic breathing
  • Sun salutation
  • Asanas or exercises to improve sex life
  • Savasana

The number of repetitions for each "exercise" you can establish them, according to the time you want to devote to practice. As said before, if you have not much time or desire, dedicated only to calm a practice that should not commit more than 5 or 10 minutes, and then when you happen to have more time or to be more prepared, you can make a full practice.


Using the Bandhas


Bandha is a Sanskrit word that means literally hold, squeeze, grab. It refers to the physical action you need to practice these important yoga techniques.

By the term Bandhas is therefore intend of muscle contractions that are intended to convey the energy in a precise point of the body to prevent damage to the dispersions.

In the Bandha yoga they are combined with asana, pranayama and mudra to intensify the positions.

They also have the important function to prepare the body for the kriya practices which are of the body purification techniques.

Through the practice of bandha is taught how to use deep body muscles, muscles of which very often do not know the existence and that we do not use spontaneously.

The practice of bandha allows us to increase the awareness of our body and to be able to better use the energy that is within us.


Mula Bandhas


Mula means root - or foundations - and is located at the base of the spine.

This bandha is performed by contracting the muscles that is located in the "pelvic floor", ie in the area between the anus and genitals.

To locate the exact point of mula bandha you can try to do this easy exercise: inhale slowly contracting the perineal area (like you have to hold the pee) and exhale deeply and slowly.

You will notice that at the end of exhalation the muscles of the pelvic floor relax because they are naturally trained to also eject the last particle of air.

It is in this area of ​​your body that you need to Mula Bandha, and, in this area it is also ideologically placed our first chakra called Muladhara (mula = root and adhara = support).


How to save your marriage with yoga: Mental health and some tips


If the physical side of the relationship seems to be handled with these moves and specific sessions, what about the mental aspect behind a marriage?

As we know, yoga can be a perfect tool to improve both physical and mental health but, how can, this discipline help through a couple problems?

I firmly believe that, when  you are in a relationship so committing like a marriage, keeping balance between things, between your own needs and the one’s of your significant other is the essential key to keep things going and have a healthy long marriage.

When you are not feeling okay with yourself, when you feel low, or unsettled, without a purpose in life and maybe you feel kinda lost, your bad relationship with your inner self goes to reflect on all your relationship, especially with your partner. We tend to put all our stress and frustration on him/her and things starts to go badly. This because you just have to feel good in your own shoes, in the first place, and then you can open to others. If you live full of negativity, anger and stress, very other aspect of your life, both private and social, will be miserably condemned to finish.

So, yoga has this amazing power to help your mind destressing from all the weight on your shoulder, from all the negativity and the inner troubles that is easily the best tool you can give to your marriage. If you feel you and your partner are starting to lose pieces, stop and give yoga a try.

Of course, you have to believe in this try and you have you be patience. If you’re all into what is going on in your life, you’re full of stress and you are starting to lose control over your emotion, your marriage could be affected by all this bad moment. So, find a little “me time” to find yourself again, to really feel you and to prioritize your world, your life.

Add to you yoga session a little bit of meditation and start to focus on what is important to you, what really matters in your life. Try to close your eyes, leave all the world behind and meditate for a while visioning your perfect life, made up of all the precious gifts you have, all the persons that make it beautiful and magical. Try to focus on how you really feel and not how things and daily stuffs make you feel, focus on what you want and give yourself a try to feel better with yourself.

Remember that, once you feel comfortable and positive in your own shoes, everything will finally match and, if you are in a relationship, this will easily find its way back to happiness and complicity.



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