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Mala beads: How to use them to meditate

mala beads

Mala beads are some of the latest trend for people interested in a mystical accessory to spice up a little bit their outfits. There are so many different kind of mala beads today.. different materials, different size, colors and patterns. It really seems is not that big deal, their just beautiful accessories and nothing else. But we are so wrong! When it comes to yoga and meditation there are so many misconceptions about this discipline and all the tools involved into the practice that, most of the people, just can see the superficial aspect of them all: yoga is a kind of workout, meditation is being still and seated and a sacred object like mala beads is just a bracelet. No way. As we always try to discover what is the real meaning of the discipline and what is really there on the table, today we are going to understand what really is a mala, what are the beads and, most of all, why they are so important to deepen our meditation practice. So let’s take a closer look to mala beads and learn together how to appreciate this amazing little tool everyone is talking about.

What are mala beads

Made of wood, seeds, amber or precious stones, mala beads are a set of rosary-like grains, which in all religions originating in India are used to number mantras or prayers, are increasingly becoming part of those must have for Western yogis. But a curiosity about the word Rosary, often associated with the Christian liturgy, wants to highlight how, in reality, this word stems from an incorrect translation of the Sanskrit word japa-mala, the one that was supposed to be translated as prayer, but was translated as a rose.

The first representation of these rosaries is about in the 2nd century BC. At the caves of Ajanta but soon spread to all Asian countries influenced by Buddhism as a practical system in the calculation of mantras and beyond; It is a powerful medium to achieve a calm and quiet state. The fingers flowing on the 108 grains are the reflection of the flow of prayers by bringing the human being into a mental state that transcends the habit. The sunken hand is related to the physical state, the mantra of the mantra to the perception of the divinity, so we are not only in front of a fine aesthetic object, but in a direct connection between body and mind to the discovery of the divine.

There are many interpretations of why 108 grains: 108 are the names of the most important Hindu gods, 108 would be the number of the cosmos, 108 would be the places attended by Vishnu, 108 are the access steps of Buddhist temples, etc. ... Perhaps, though Of the most correct definitions suggests that 108 is not a number but rather three expressions of reality: 1 is Brahma, the Supreme Knowledge, the Truth; 0 is the Cosmos the creation, but also the spiritual state of Samadhi, that is, enlightenment, union mind and body, then yoga; 8 indicates the creative force of nature from the five elements to the three expressions of being. Another beautiful interpretation considers every number related to a very specific kind of approach and element linked to the ancient sacred practice:

1 is the Universe, what we have to tend to and, most of all, it can represent that we are one. We are part of a greater plan, a greater cosmos where we can be a community, a family.

0 stands for the emptiness of the ego of the practitioner. This is one of the required states of mind, maybe the best approach possible we have to follow in order to be ready to practice yoga and meditation the right way. This is all about being humble and not putting your ego first.

8 let’s take a look to this number. If you watch it from a different perspective you will see what reminds the infinity.

So, these are the main aspects of mala beads and what they stand for. But you may think. How can we use this tool and, first of all, why this is so important?

Why you have to use mala meads

Mala beads are a precious tool to deepen your meditation practice. As we know, especially at the very beginning, staying focus is so difficult for a newbie to meditation. With mala beads to your side, it’s like you have a guideline to follow and it will make you feel more supported and more immersed into the discipline. Mala beads will mark your commitment and will make you feel part of something bigger, with all their hidden signs and histories like the one we just told you. We know that meditation is so good to overcome anxiety, stress and improve your mental health. It helps you to focus and to do I properly with no rush, listening to your breath and your body in the most intimate precious way. If you decide to add some meditation to your yoga practice, it may takes you some time to really realize how to do it the right way: you may start in a comfortable seated position on your yoga mat, you may close your eyes.. and then what? Using a chronometer will make you lose the right perception of meditation and will put things on another level workout-like that can bring some anxiety and stress too so mala beads can be so useful to track your time and to deepen yourself into the session.

How to use mala beads for your meditation practice

Start in a comfortable seated position on your yoga mat. Try to choose a good time to meditate like early morning when you can be by yourself and there is no noise around you. Light up a candle or some incense. On our site we have plenty of options to create the perfect ambience to meditate. Let’s take a look to this amazing box with several candles and incense sticks. You are going to love it

Once your zen area is ready and you are on you yoga mat, take your mala beads. Now follow these easy steps to meditate properly with your sacred tool.


Hold the mala over the middle finger, holding together and detaching the other two fingers representing the Guna, that is, the three qualities of thought, temperament, and action (the medium represents Satva: purity, the annular represents Raja: the Action, the little finger represents Tamas: inertia).

The action of keeping the mala over the middle finger, grouping the other fingers, means that the world of illusion, attributes, and the consciousness of unity are transcended.

Both the index finger - representing Jivatma, the man - that the little finger should not come into contact with the mala.

The minor should be held in the right hand between the thumb (which is God - Paramatma) and the middle, so that fusion with the Divine is emphasized by the passage of every grain and every breath.

As the index finger learns and teaches the lesson, the language repeats the mantra or the name with the Pranava (OM).

"When God and man work together, Life becomes a prayer "

You have to repeat your mantra for every bead until you complete the whole circle, then you are done.

In Oriental philosophy, every mala is strictly personal, as it "charges" the energy of the person who uses it. Depending on the material used for its realization, different benefits, mental, spiritual and physical gain are obtained. We could call it "a bridge, a link between us and our potential". So, you can personalize your mantra as you wish to empower yourself and give yourself the support you need to a very specific particular situation or state of mind. If you feel stressed you can use the mantra “I am calm”, if you feel a little bit low or even depressed you can use “I love myself” or “I trust myself”. Even “I can do it” can be a good mantra if you feel a little bit stuck or anxious about a bad situation you have to face. Don’t think it is all about speaking Sanskrit and master meditation like a pro form the very beginning. You have to understand that, just like for yoga, meditation takes time. You have to trust the process and start with little steps in order to do it properly. You can even try, at your early beginner stage, to meditate with a simple bracelet with less beads, if you are not ready to follow all the procedure and meditate with a too long prayer of 108 mantras and beads. You can find useful some of the jewels we have in our shop. These pieces are perfect even if you love the style of mala meads but you are not ready to embark a meditation journey you can have your accessories mala beads inspired to enrich your outfits

Once you will be ready to meditate with full engagement and commitment, choose your mala beads and use it to create the perfect full immersion into meditation to link your body and your spirit to a higher level. But, remember, be patience and take your time.

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