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Mental benefits of yoga meditation and how to recreate your safe place

Yoga teaches practitioners to relax, manage stress here also increases the ability to concentrate and focus yourself. A gentle meditation and breathing practice help reducing muscle tension, but above all, it reduces mental tension.

Yoga meditation

During meditation you learn to observe and control the mind.

The ability to focus to your thoughts on something, allows the brain to focus and Your Being More Aware. This eliminates problems also come anxiety and think too much. A clear mind increases even your ability to learn new and store information. Pranayama and meditation help develop some area of ​​the brain which are not usually used. The awakening of these areas increase your intuition, and even help your skills being fully present in any moment. The stress and anxiety reduction lead to improved whole health in general. Learn to slow down, breathe deeply, and dealing with only one thing at a time to train the mind to focus on the present moment. Plus, breathing consciously remove all unnecessary problems of everyday life.

Many times yoga is conceived as a workout practice, a fitness discipline leading you to conquer your best shape while binding and twisting in amazing poses. But, yoga is so much more. Yes, of course, you can have that kind of yoga, you could approach to yoga as it would be a sport but you would miss the whole concept behind this beautiful, deep, ancient discipline.

Your yoga routine could become a safe place where you could be jus yourself: no judgement, no fear, no trouble, no stress. In our daily life we find ourselves lost into so many things to do, so many emotions to deal with and we almost forgot to focus and to enjoy the moment. All the anticipation, the anxiety of what’s coming next, all this lead us into a very uncomfortable mental scenario. When you have an unhealthy mind, a very stressed one, you start losing yourself because you start to lose contact with your truly self, your inner voice. A yoga practice that add some meditation could help you so much to find again yourself and seeing your patch in a new light. It something you really won’t regret! Yoga could help you to deal with you emotion management too.

Everybody deal with emotions that often lead to too instinctive reactions. Thanks to yoga will slowly become more and more aware of these emotional states seeing them with some sort of "yogic detachment" and it is this distancing that allows us to observe all this without being involved. According to yoga fact like, anger fear, desire, etc, aversion are all natural things that arise and then disappear.

Too often, however, we identify ourselves in all this thinking to be ourselves these states and this makes us feel bad. Thanks to the knowledge that is acquired with practice we can observe these phenomena instead of the distance and in this way we are not controlled. Do not get involved consequently allows us to make choices definitely freer because less influenced by the emotions themselves.

Today we want you to motivate you to save a little time to yourself and to start practicing this discipline in a different way, in a way that will help you listen to yourself, to understand who you are, what you want, having a moment just for yourself.

At first, you might think it’s something weird to do because you are not used to that kind of approach of sitting on a mat, eyes closed, breathing deeply and just let it go. But, we firmly think that, if you have the right place where to practice it’s a big step towards your yoga journey. You have to be motivated to jump on your mat, you have to find something that will make your commitment easier, especially to start practicing on a daily basis. So we encourage you to find the perfect place to establish your own little temple, a place that will make you feel free, relaxed, safe, in peace.


Picture source: Yogaia, online yoga classes

Let’s see what we can do to create our perfect place to start practicing a mindful approach to yoga.

First of all, you could decide to start practicing in the comfort of your home. This because, today, beside the traditional approach to yoga that lead you to yoga studios and classes, there is a huge amount of online yoga program you could start. Even to give this discipline a first try to understand if it’s something that suits you. So, practicing yoga at home means to create an environment that has certain characteristics, here there is a list :

- Quiet and not busy location, where you can easily reach the concentration;

- With large windows or openings that give a view of the surrounding nature (if not possible, choose a room in the house where you feel at ease, perhaps prepare candles, plants, curtains, and all that gives you positive energy). Some of this you can find on and there is super nice aroma diffusor that will create nice atmosphere, it is on sale at moment;

- Used for certain exercises, the right tools (ball, mat, strap, etc.);

- Accompany the exercises with new age music (song of the sea, rustling wind, bird calls), to create an atmosphere that immerses you in a new world, the sensory world;

- The place has to be timeless (get rid of clocks and dedicated every little energy to your mind and your body).

At this point you are ready to relax and start yoga, starting by breathing, continuing with lower intensity exercises and finally, after reaching the maximum concentration, perform the most complicated exercises.

As you might see, it is important to have the right tool to enjoy your yoga journey. We have some amazing product you could use to deepen your practice and live the moment fully inspired and relaxed. You could create a room dedicated to yoga by decorating it as a yoga studio.

First of all you need a mat.

A yoga mat is the first thing you need to start practicing any kind of yoga you desire. You have plenty of options in yogastic mats collection where you can find the perfect mat for you. This choice is so important because, having the right mat, it’s the key for a good practice. For example, if you suffer from back pain, we have a very interesting Massager cushion Acupressure Mat that can relieve stress, pain and have acupuncture spikes. Packet contain yoga mat and pillow, you can find it here in our store, to practice and relief your pain, all in one. Plus, all our mat are non-slip mat that will help you during you session to have more stability and to live your vinyasa in a safe way.

Once you have your mat you could already start to practice your new mindful approach to yoga. You could start like that:

You could use a candle to soften the room and to surround you in a gentle light.

Light a candle in a dark, quiet room. Ground and center; quietly fixed the candle. Breathe deeply, feel the light of the candle that warms you. Let her sweet warmth fill you completely. When facing a thought to your mind, imagine it from the outside. Do not let the flame will divide and become a double image, keep your eyes fixed. Continue for at least five or ten minutes, then relax. If you want to empower this practice, add some essential oil diffuser. This will help you during your relaxation and, if you choose the right oil, it will give you so many kind of relieves, like healing your headache or helping you breathing if you have a cold! On our site, at you will find a beautiful wooden diffuser that will spread the essential oil in your room but it will be a perfect piece of décor too!

aroma diffusor

Talking about interesting décor to your yoga room, we have the right pieces to create a space that has nothing to envy to the most experienced famous yoga studios! On our section for yoga ambient you will find beautiful wallpapers to enrich your walls, giving them colors and patterns related to a yogi world like this beautiful Buddah Wallpaper or this Mandala Wallpaper. We have some fancy yogi pillow cover that will give to your space a very ethnic mystical touch. Covers are another interesting tool to deepen you meditation and relaxation practice.  Meditation is the activity that sees our spectator's mind itself. Through concentration of our attention on one point, in fact, our mind is calm: you stop the waves of our thoughts, and we come to understand our true nature, discovering the wisdom and tranquility residing in each of us. In addition, we learn to awaken those parts of our consciousness that normally live dormant and unexpressed.

In order for this to be made possible, the beginner student who approaches the practice, will seek to minimize unnecessary movements that often are present in the immobility of some minutes, taking care previously the necessary precautions to ensure the practice is not excessively uncomfortable, and entering the meditation with an attitude of listening and attention, even for what produces greater friction and discomfort, this is because, the aim of entering into direct contact with the self, in meditation, through the stillness and listening everything that moves internally. For example, if we bring our attention to the flame of a candle, we reduce the movement of thought by focusing on the object selected. Initially, our mind will continue to be distracted, but with practice we are able to increase the concentration time.

Plus, if we want to focus on our breathe and we want to free our mind, as we said before, relax is everything: we have to feel free, leaving all behind, focusing on our breathe and our body. To realize this kind of relaxation, we have the perfect tools that could help you. We’re talking about yoga towels. Yes! Aside yoga mat, you can use some amazing towel as a blanket to cover yourself during a gentle yoga practice or during the most precious and intense of all the asanas: Savasanah.

This pose seams the easier of all the yoga asanas but actually is the hardest because it involves a very different kind of engagement, the one of the mind. This is a posture usually used as a final pose after the vinyasa to finally find your way back to your natural breathe and to appreciate all the good things your body did. But this pose is a very good one to start your meditation path all by yourself. Try to lay down, arms left on your sides of the body, try to relax all the muscles, all the part of your body from your head to your toes, relax even your jaws with teeth left apart and just breathe. Start to relax for at least 2 minutes and then add some minute to every practice to improve a little bit everyday. To appreciate this posture even more you could add a towel to cover yourself and give to this moment a very relaxing power, plus, it will help you making feel safe. Some of the yogi even fall asleep during this posture! Give it a try! Our yoga towels are perfect for this because they are very huge and colorful, plus, you could use it as a beautiful mat on the beach if you want to practice outdoor! Take a look and choose what’s your favorite multifunctional beach towel blanket!

By the way, outdoor meditation is really something you should give a try! For example, meditation on the beach is very easy. First of all because you have all the time you want available. And why meditation is to simply be with what is in the present moment, here and now. So the beach is very suitable to practice mindfulness, awareness, mindfulness, yoga: all that in one way or another puts you in touch with your mind and your body, how does meditation.

yoga meditations

Already the act of undressing can be a great practice to start. Before you take off your clothes stopped for a moment and listen to the sensations of the body. The clothes adhere to the skin, maybe you're sweating. Try not to judge nor to prefer something different. Be aware that your feelings are transient. Once no clothes, he stopped again and feel what changed, what it means in practice to have a body free from any protection.

Walking meditation is one of the ideal beach practices. You can make walking slowly barefoot, and bringing your full attention to what is going on: the movement of the legs and body, the contact of the feet on the sand or on the pebbles, the feelings beneath the soles of the feet, the wind and the sun on your skin, the smells, the sounds. Walking on the beach is a great life experience, to enjoy one hundred percent.

Sitting meditation is a viable alternative if the beach is not too crowded. Found a quiet place, it creates an upside to sit down with sand or with stones, and then sit in a position that facilitates the concentration and openness. At this point you do not have to do anything. Tarry there and brings all the attention to the body (breathing, support points, the location), so you can observe what is happening at any time in mind and body without judging, in total freedom from concepts of right or wrong.

If you do not know how to meditate, sit down with the rhythm of the breath and mentally repeat 5 phrases that make you feel good everywhere, synthesized by these five easy verses:

Breathe in, breathe out
Deep, slow
Quiet, comfortable
I smile, I let go
Present moment, wonderful moment

Enjoy the natural elements. If your life every day in town, now you can finally feel the touch of the sand and water of the sea on your skin, the warmth of the sun, the wind caresses. Concentrating only on feelings, you will be able to fully capture the beauty and pleasure: taste pure to be totally there, with your body and your mind. Finally observe the movement of waves. The waves have a lot to teach us all, because apparently each have a beginning and an end, a shape and a size, but in reality are nothing but water. Just like us, that we feel separated from the others and from the rest of reality, but it’s a total illusion because we are part of something bigger, we are art of this would and yoga will help us to understand this. We will feel more grounded, more true and honest whit ourselves and this is one of the most precious feeling ever.

Of course, you could practice this outdoor meditation basically everywhere, even in the park nearby! Just go and try to feel the place, seeing under a new light with your new yogi eyes. If you want to go outside you could bring your things with you with our amazing yoga bag a waterproof bag with a lot of section to bring, not only your yoga mat, but even for your bottle of water! By the way, we have bottles of water too! We have a simple version of water bottle or we have a very useful infuser water bottle to bring your teas with you to stay hydrated and healthy all the time!

In conclusion, remember that, the constant practice of meditation, creates more internal and external listening, determination and strength of will, and our thinking it is more clear and effective, going to have a positive impact every aspect of our lives so find your way to it and you will really find yourself.


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