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Props to deepen your yoga practice

When you start our own yoga journey you are not wrong to glow because you don’t need any equipment to practice. This is true. You can easily jump on your mat and start a very productive yoga session without any other tool except from your yoga mat. Actually, some tools can be very interesting to perform some challenging asana and to deepen your practice properly. Today we are going to show you what are the best props that can help you to empower your session and improve your flexibility.

We always encourage you to dare when it comes to yoga and to give a try to so many different kind and style linked to this discipline that are going to make you feel better in so many different ways you just can’t imagine. This because we really think that you can get benefits from your practice even if at first it seems impossible to perform some vinyasa or some asana the right way. This is the core of this topic: you have to dare, but you have to do it right. Once you are aware of the power of the discipline and you choose to trust the journey you have to find the right approach to live all this process in a sane healthy way for both your mind and your body. This correct way of practicing can be managed once you give yourself the time to improve and to really surf into the yoga world. No rush, no judgment. It has to be a long maybe hard path you just want to walk because it strengthen your body and nourishes your soul. Once you understand that you are ready to live yoga, to make it part of your lifestyle. In order to do that you have to stop a moment an value things from a different type of perspective: you have to accept where you are at the moment. This may be a little bit tricky for someone with a low self-esteem and who is a complete beginner. When you see a yoga class or a yoga asana you rush into it because we think that is our final goal to perform that perfect posture or to flow in a powerful way in order to sweat, lose weight and build that muscles. This is the kind of approach we are trying to avoid in order to really feel the real meaning and goal of the yoga practice. It is so normal to be stuck at first because you can’t perform an asana or because you can synchronize your breath with the movement. It’s not something you can learn fast in 3 seconds or in just a couple of sessions! You have to believe that your difficulty is part of the process and you just can’t blame yourself because you are not flexible enough or because you can’t bind perfectly. Everything is going to happen, in times, when you and your body will be really ready to let itself go with the flow. When you feel low, sad or impatience to be the perfect yogi ever try to remember why you started our journey and that every yogi start at some point. Even the most incredible yoga influencers started with easy gentle posture and found themselves to practice over and over again some very challenging asana. Don’t blame yourself! Instead, be thankful for what your body can do and be the best partner to yourself to give time, love and dedication and live the journey properly. Sometimes people who practice yoga forget about all those amazing tools you can add to you yoga practice in order to explore the session and explore how your body responds to some kind of movement.

yoga block 

Yoga Block

This is not essential as the mat, but if you are a beginner, having one of them available is really ideal because they help you to perform better many positions, which would be difficult without. When you are new to yoga and some posture your back it may not be very loose so when make your way to a positions in which this part of the body has to bend a lot, such as Uttanasana (Forward fold) and you get to place your hands on the ground, with a block you can create a safe space between your arms and the mat. Another posture that may need a block intervention is Eka Pada (Pigeon Pose) : this asana, and its several variations, may be very challenging, especially for those who are beginners or they are not flexible enough to touch the ground with their pelvis. Another use of the yoga block can be linked to meditation. When you have to sit and try to focus on your mantra or you just have to focus on the pranayama (the breathing practice), you have to find yourself in a very comfortable seated position. You don’t have to feel any pain or tension, you just need to find the seated posture that suits you best. You can choose to sit on a block to release all the tension in your legs and inner tights. If you are into yin yoga you know that a yoga block is perfect to support your head during some relaxing posture like Savasana (Corpse Pose) or Supta Baddha Konasana (Reclined Bound Angle) to really feel the relaxation avoiding every kind of pain or tension. So my advice is to choose at least one block to help you out with some tricky asana. I'll recommend some block models you can find on our site right here. It will help you to explore your asana and to help you find the perfect balance for your standing challenging posture.


yoga strap

Yoga strap

Another interesting prop to deepen your yoga practice is the yoga strap. This type of belt is very helpful when it comes with postures that may be challenging during the binds. Let’s find and example: Narajasana, Dancer Pose, that beautiful classy asana everyone would love to perform, may be difficult for those who are not so flexible. The same may happens if you are into one of the variation of the famous Pigeon Pose we names in the section before… Anyway..No big deal! With a strap all wrapped on your foot you can perform the asana and work on your posture and your flexibility in a gentle way. This is our collection of yoga strap. You can choose between so many different colors of yoga straps.

yoga blanket


Especially when it comes with supine position and a restorative session of yoga, a blanket can be so useful in order to give you the best support on your knees, on you neck or even on your shoulder. In some session of yin yoga a blanket is considered the best prop in order to deepen the relaxation. Why? When you lie down on your mat and you relax, a good blanket can cover you up giving the sense of protection and keeping your body warm. It is highly recommended to use this to keep your arms and legs (usually bared and exposed during the practice ) away from the cold floor: the possible change of temperature can cause a little shock that can lead the yogi to leave the posture in which they are relaxing and leaving behind the sense of peacefulness and calm that is so important to seal every practice. We have so many different type of blanket you can use as a cover, as a support and even as a yoga mat for your outdoor yoga sessions. Just take a look to our collection and choose which blanket is your favorite! Here are some examples of our beautiful pieces mandala boho blanket  or mandala beach blanket . Don’t forget to explore the entire collection for more suggestions and ideas to keep thing useful and fancy too!

These are the main tools you can easily find and use to spice things up a little bit and discover something more about yourself, your body and your soul. If you don’t rush things and use this props, you will play things around with calm and ease, with a right approach and having enough time to really being present, in the moment. When you rush things you forget to stay present and this is the prerogative of a well done yoga session. You have to wait, you have to be patient and you have to discover how you feel during the practice. Remember that it is highly recommend to spend at least 3-5 breaths in every asana in order to practice a good massage of the organs involved and to explore in a deep way the movements. Don’t rush and remember that it is important to work within a pain free range and that you have to listen to your body. If you feel any tension during the practice try to breathe and to be gentle: take your block, take your strap and try to make things easier and safer. Yoga is not pain. You don’t have to suffer to succeed in some particular posture. Respect your level and your journey. This is the most important promise you can do to yourself, to your inner self, to your body and to your soul.

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