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Summer solstice to empower and honor your yoga practice

Summer solstice is one big event a yogi just can’t deny.

On June 21, the sun celebrates its triumph, in what is the longest day of the year, but at the same time represents the beginning of its decline.

In fact, after the Summer Solstice, the days begin slowly but inexorably to shorten until the winter solstice, in what is the "waning" phase of the year.

A little bit of history.

Solstice comes from Latin solstat, "the sun stops," and in fact it almost seems that the sun lingers somewhat in this position before resuming its descending path. The sun reaches its maximum positive declination with respect to the celestial equator, and then resumes the reverse: the astronomical summer begins. It is time for us to receive the utmost of solar power: the mystical force that unites heaven and earth is now stronger.

summer solstice yoga

This truth was known by ancient peoples who seemed to be aware of the fact that ley lines, the mysterious energy lines that glide the earth's surface, increase their energy load through solar power. Even monuments such as dolmen and stone circles were perhaps artificial focuses on the Earth's energy system. Nature is at its utmost brilliance, favors all that concerns love and fertility.

It is the day of divination and domestic spells, of the small and great protective rites related to the fire element. To celebrate this amazing time of the year

We can do very simple things. For example, get up at dawn and watch the sun shining, meditating on its qualities and destiny: the maximum force coincides with the beginning of its decline.

We can bathe with the solstice deviation or turn on a small bonfire in our garden on the eve of the solstice and arrange a little gathering or party with our friends.

But we can also celebrate ritually this moment with a wake that starts at midnight, after all it's the shortest night of the year!

Outdoors you can keep a little fire on, or you can turn on red or golden candles, meditate on the meanings of this party, listen to or play music, read poems, maybe with our friends.

 summer solstice fire


How summer solstice is related to yoga

Did you know that on June 21 is the International Yoga Day too? This because the discipline is linked to both nature, light and pure energy. How can we celebrate and honor our yoga practice during the summer solstice? Here comes our guide to do it in a great way!

As we all know yoga is the best tool to reconnect yourself with the earth, the light and to wake up your energetic body areas. The summer solstice can be the right occasion to take things to the other level and to practice yoga in a new powerful way.

First of all, in order to really feel part of the solstice, you should bring your practice outside. Go to the beach, to the park, or simply get lost into nature and dedicate some time to yourself away from all the crazy schedules, deadlines and stressful thought and routine of your daily life.

Here are some practical steps to make your outside practice fully successful!


What you need to practice outside and honor summer solstice and yoga

First things first! We all know who is the perfect partner in crime for this amazing new yoga related adventure: your yoga mat!

Especially if you are going into the woods to practice, you may need a mat to support your yoga session and prevent some injury. If you need some suggestion you may take a look to our store to find the right yoga mat for you! Yoga mat like this could be perfect because it’s easy to roll up, it is easy to carry thanks to its strap and there are plenty of different colors to customize your experience too.

If you want to focus more on a meditation practice on the beach, you should totally take a look to these amazing mandala boho blanket or this similar beach blanket. These are perfect for easy yoga posture, a top choice for meditation and it is useful if, after your session, you want to celebrate the summer solstice with your yogi friends with some outdoor healthy picnic.

About your outfit, try to bring with you some jacket if you practice first thing in the morning or around sunset. It may get colder! We have an interesting piece for your yoga wardrobe that will be useful and stylish all in one! We have great light jacket It is light but very resistant. Something you should really consider so you could live your practice in the best way possible with no worries and no cold just around the corner!


The perfect location

For outdoor activities we naturally choose a nature contact, away from roads, excessive noise and other sources of disturbance, for the rest there are no limits, you can choose the sea, the mountain, a forest, a lawn, Shore of a river, the park behind the house ...... ..This choice is totally up to you! As always, try to find something that makes you feel good with yourself, in peace, a place that is going to motivate you to keep things going during your yoga practice.

 yoga summer


Why an outdoor practice is good for you  

The contact with nature is so important, as we spend a lot of time between offices, shops, gyms, cinemas, restaurants, ... all closed places it is useful to find contact with nature while taking advantage of the favorable climate.

Let's start from the eyes:

Seeing a landscape that we find relaxing, with the prevalence of green and blue colors, affects the nervous system and predisposes to openness, relaxation. The nose: in contact with the clean air we breathe deeply, allowing for greater air exchange, good oxygenation of all tissues and increasing lung capacity.

Skin: The sun not only gives us a pleasant color, but it does very well to the whole body (without exaggerating, remember the sunscreen!), The active sun biochemical processes that happen during the winter with greater difficulty, in addition, the light Natural and bright sun increase the good humor. Outdoor practice also allows us to bring more attention to the body, we can hear the sensations of temperature, the air on the skin, the contact of the feet with the ground (earth, grass, sand ...) and the different sensations, We can see how our practice changes depending on the characteristics of the place and the different sensations.

Ears: Nature is not so silent! We are used to practicing Yoga in silent rooms, perhaps accompanied by mantra or carefully chosen relaxing music. When we do not practice we are bombarded by traffic noise, radio, telephones and more. Suddenly we find ourselves in a place far from this, seemingly silent, but we go down deeply, taking care, staying present and making more arrangements for a whole series of sounds: chirping, rustling, crunching. These new sounds help us keep our attention alive, allowing us to test the feelings we experience.


Benefits of an outdoor yoga practice

The most popular yoga practices are dynamic and activating practices that bring us in harmony with the energy of this time of the year.

Days get longer and the mild temperature gives you the chance to take some time outdoors. It is a profoundly regenerating and important experience to return to feel the intimate relationship that exists with all the forms of life, the extraordinary wonder, sacredness, and beauty that pervades.

Here are other interesting benefits you can experience while practicing outdoors and some things to do to be able to do it in the best possible conditions.


  • The yoga anti-stress effect is amplified
  • The electromagnetic pollution, which is unfortunately present in the closed spaces, is very limited
  • Outdoor practice allows you to get in direct contact with nature and its rhythms that more than you usually know deeply affect you
  • The presence and listening condition that comes from the practice of yoga allows you to re-establish a deep and intimate contact with nature and its regenerating beauty that afflict the mind and emotion
  • The green color has deeply soothing effects on the nervous system
  • The quality of air and prana (vital energy that pervades) is infinitely better than that of a closed space
  • Keeping your feet directly in contact with the earth has many re-balancing benefits on the electromagnetic field of our body and the nervous system


These are our suggestions to celebrate summer solstice outdoor honoring your yoga practice, your body but nature too! Remember to always believe in your journey and try to give this magical time of the year a try to take your yoga journey to another level with more consciousness, more love and more dedication. So, are you ready to celebrate our favorite discipline? June 21 and summer solstice are just around the corner! Shop for your perfect items to rock your outdoor practice and let the celebrations begin!


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