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Yoga helping women in PMS

yoga pms pain

Premenstrual syndrome, as well as menstrual pain in itself, appear to be among the most common problems in the feminine. According to some research, in fact, nearly 90% of women during their menstrual cycle, suffers from numerous ailments that are often disabling and do not allow to live their daily lives in a serene way. Including cramps, mood swings, headaches, in short, the symptoms really are not lacking, and invest in both the physical sphere that the psychological. Today we will discover together how yoga can help women alleviate these symptoms and regain peace of mind, experiencing their menstrual cycles in a serene and natural. It is, in fact, right through meditation and asanas particular specifications that yoga can act on the female body by returning the natural balance and, above all, stretching the tension in the most affected devices to menstrual pain. But now we go to practice! Let's see how to make the most of your yoga practice for premenstrual syndrome.


What is Yoga for PMS

Yoga for premenstrual syndrome is a special yoga session that is based on the mental and physical relaxation through deep but gentle backbends and positions, accompanied by the proper yogic breathing, can perform an internal massage, to the appropriate bodies, bringing numerous benefits and relaxation of the accumulated tensions. We will show you how to embark this healing journey to fight PMS and find your way back to health and mental peace, with a useful guide about how to start practicing yoga for PMS. Let’s find out how to start and what you may need to take advantage and enjoy in a meaningful way all the good stuff from the practice!


How to start practicing yoga for PMS?

A guide to ease into practice



The space

The first thing to do is to find a time of day when you can sit quietly by yourself, in short, a time that is dedicated to you. The moment you open your yoga mat and you'll place to start the session, you will have to leave the world outside, behind, as well as all the problems related to everyday life, stress and anxiety to do, to schedule things, and complete them. Recreated an environment that is intimate, personal and relaxing, maybe lighting a few candles, using some essential oil diffuser and catching up on some pillows. We have an amazing set to help you décor your safe, zen place with a mystical touch. This  wonderful candle holder is a beautiful piece for your home decoration, perfect for your yoga area. A nice idea for this type of practice is to use blankets to make the moment even more intense relaxation, and ensure that, covering, also acts as a psychological point of view and feel safe, protected, pampered. A very interesting piece to add to your practice is this yoga blanket, available in several different colors to cover you and support you during your deepest relaxation practice. About the pillows.. we have some super cute covers to recreate an ambient that will have nothing to envy to a famous yoga studio! These pillow cases are available in different patterns and with different theme about the yoga 7 Chakras. So, of course, every case is linked to the yoga universe and discipline! If you want to empower your relaxation practice and you really feel like crap we have a wonderful piece you could give a try. I’m talking about the  ACEVIVI Massager cushion Acupressure Mat Relieve Stress Pain Acupuncture Spike Yoga Mat with Pillow it’s an amazing set that will help you to massage and relax all in one! It’s very helpful if you suffer from back pain during those days and need some extra love and support! During those grounded pose we will show you in the following steps of this guide, you will really feel the difference! Your spine will feel so much better and your head will have that cute yummy massage we think it’s perfect during those days and those headache! The pillow included is another big advantage! It could help you relax but it could be used as a support too to ease into some challenging asana having your back, helping you to making progress with no rush.



The outfit

Staying comfy during the practice is essential to really enjoy a sequence and its benefits. When it comes to relaxation and gentle healing practice like a yoga for PMS could be, the right outfit is everything. In most of the relaxing session yogi teacher advice to cover your body to warm up easily. The natural heat coming from your body means a lot in yoga and, keeping that warn sensation will help you to feel better, to feel loved and to prepare your body to heal itself. The concept at this basis say that, if your legs or arms go out of your mat you shouldn’t freeze on the cold floor but, instead, having all your body parts covered, not having a thermic shock that could make you lose your focus, your balance or peace, distracting you. Imagine your warm body after a session and then finishing in Savasana (Corpse Pose), eyes closed, arms extended and.. bam! Cold floor! You open your eyes and that magical precious moment is lost for good.  So, to cover your body with stylish comfy clothes we got your back. For a practice like yoga for pms we encourage you to cover yourself properly so, instead of the common fancy yoga pants, this time we suggest you to try this yoga apparel set it’s a set made up of long sleeve sweatshirt and long pants. It’s an amazing set to jump into the practice with comfortable clothes during your laziest day like when you have your period. There are so many interesting features about this piece of our collection that surely won’t let you down. It’s anti-shrink, anti-wrinkle, breathable, eco-friendly and it’s quick dry too! If you have a headache maybe a headband could be useful to keep you warm and help you to heal it. Don’t forget the importance to have your body covered, especially when it comes to those body parts that are really in pain and that can be under the effects or some external elements like cold, wind, and so on. Before, during and even after your yoga practice, try to wear a headband and see how it goes. We got some amazing head band here. There are plenty of beautiful girly colors available and they are all in cotton.


The breathe

Once rebuilt your zen space will start your yoga session for PMS in a sitting position, legs crossed, taking deep breaths with your eyes closed. After a few breaths brought her hands clasped and continue to breathe trying to see yourself from the outside, at peace, calm, immersed in utter lightness and tranquility. If your premenstrual syndrome involves a severe headache proceed with Nadi Shodhan Pranayama, alternated nostril breathing, it is an easy practice of breathing that will help relax the mind and weaken the headache. Just inhale with one nostril and out through the other, and then again inhale with the last nostril employed in expiration and so on. The technique requires that, for stopping the nostril not used in breathing, you will employ the use of the fingers bent index finger and middle finger towards the palm of the hand, placing it in front of the nose and occlude with the thumb and ring finger in the nostrils alternately. This technique is very useful as it is rebalanced through a flow of energy that acts in the brain hemispheres. This type of breathing, not only helps relieve headaches, but it is a practice widely used as well as a meditative tool to clear your mind of stress, anxiety and emotional disorders and regain inner peace. If you need some more help to free your head from a tremendous headache you could try to add to the practice a spiky massager or an easy massager ball. You could decide to add it, for example, during Balasana (Child Pose) to give a nice massage on you third eye. Really nice practice for stress and headache relief! These models are so interesting and easy to go, so handy you could even decide to carry it with you during a walk, a session away from home or during your days at your workplace. Don’t underestimate, they could really be helpful!

Step 4

The move

If your premenstrual syndrome involves the annoying cramps know that there are particular types of asanas that help to reduce the intensity of pain and to promote menstrual flow. When you are in  pain, a very intense more workout inspired yoga, would not do not look very attractive and in fact, when you suffer a lot, a complex vinyasa flow, concentrate enough to perform well throughout the practice, sometimes even too intense to go through. Instead, run some special asanas, because this could be the right choice for you to act in a gentle, delicate and, above all, doing it with method and dedication, without running too much, without rushing things. Let's see then some ideal yoga asana to relax and help you relief the most common symptoms of the menstrual cycle.

Perfect yoga asanas for PMS

Balasana - Child pose

Balasana - Child pose

This asana is really very relaxing and accompanied by proper breathing, it acts as a passage to the stomach. In addition, resting his forehead on the ground during the extension, you can act like a sweet gentle head massage, to dim even so any headaches and headaches caused by the menstrual cycle. If you are not very flexible and, especially if you are new to yoga practice, you could insert a props, a support like this amazing yoga brick to facilitate the distension forward without straining too much.

Supta Baddha Konasana - Reversed cow pose

Supta Baddha Konasana - Reversed cow pose

This particular asana can be very difficult if you are a beginner yogi. For this reason, to support the legs, it will be appropriate to put the cushions or of bricks yoga that will help to maintain the position without forcing too the inner thigh. To relax and fully enjoy this position, you may also decide to place a pillow under your back or under the head.

Salamba Bhujangasana  - Sphynx pose

Salamba Bhujangasana  - Sphynx pose

The position of the sphinx is another very valuable position to get better if you have cramps. Lift your torso, in fact, keeping the stomach on the ground helps relax the abdominal part and maybe adding a little 'side stretching, performed of course always very calm and gentle movements, you can have a massage that will help you generate heat and dissolve the accumulated tension in that part of the body. This location is also interesting as the Upper body stretching and strengthening your arms and shoulders.



Your torso with the legs kept to the opposite side, it is also a great location to calm any aches and cramps. This twist is also perfect to aid digestion and help the body to purify itself. The determining factor to the success of the twist is in accompanying the twist by deep breathe in and out, at least repeating the whole 5 times, to make that happen, the massage of the organs.


These are some of the easy yoga poses to do, even for those who are getting closer to the practice and has no experience in the field. Especially during the menstrual cycle it would be appropriate to prefer docile practices, relaxing, sweet and targeted to rebalance themselves. A power yoga session is not bad but, to find themselves, a good practice of yin yoga accompanied by proper breathing and a bit 'of meditation is the most appropriate choice. A type of positions that are usually not suitable are those inversion. This is because, basically, positions as the headstand or legs-upon-the-wall would push the body fluids to go against the menstrual flow.


Why yoga for PMS


When you do not feel good when you suffer from discomfort that seem unbearable, the first thing that comes to mind is the solve everything with medicines. Take one pill seems the most immediate thing, quickly and effectively to silence the signals of our body. In fact, it started to reflect on this very factor. When suffering means that our body is sending us signals, we are communicating something. Remedied by the sometimes medicines is an obvious choice, especially if you are under medical prescriptions or if you suffer from particular problems that need to be treated by drugs. However, medicines, tend more often off the pain receptors but not to resolve and alleviate the hassle altogether, then do not go to work directly with the core that generates the pain. Through yoga practice, however, you are going to act directly on the organs involved, trying to give real body relief. Another factor that must be considered absolutely, and that alone should make you understand how better to entrust their health to a yoga session, it is that the medicines can have side effects, side effects and that in any case, even if do not take them, they are harmful for our body. Think, for example, a pill for a headache; This perhaps can relieve pain but, during its action, it could go to damage sensitive organs such as stomach and liver. So watch out and think about it!

Practicing yoga, however, you'll have a totally natural remedy, a remedy that is latent within you. This is yoga's most beautiful and precious: think of being the instrument which, depending on their use, can lead to different results. It is a potential that is inside of us, you just bring it to the surface, welcome it, embrace it and put it into the practice.

During a yoga session for PMS patience and dedication are the core of the session. The acceptance of your body, being grateful for what you are, what you have, what could bring your fertility. Yoga tries to give you the tool to accept yourself, showing you how to listen truly to your body and mind. So, be faithful to you. Give yoga a try to heal from those symptoms that always leave you angry, frustrated and in pain. Showing love for oneself should be the key to the interpretation of the whole practice. Be kind, be gentle, be sweet. Trust the practice, trust your body and its healing power, trust yourself and do not try to overdo it. Love yourself a little bit more because, above all, during those crazy days of period, an extra cuddle does really well to the body and soul.

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